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High Level Government Officials Attending the ACF


Beatriz Nofal, President of the National Investment and Development Agency

Bentley Gibbs, Permanent Secretary of Industry and Commerce

Luciano Coutinho, President of Brazilian Development Bank
Claudio Leite Gastal, President of the Brazil Competitiveness Movement

Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile
Hugo Lavados, Minister of Economy
Marcelo Tokman, Minister of Energy
Marigen Hornkohl, Minister of Agriculture
Santiago Gonzalez, Minister of the Mining
Romy Shmidt, Minister of National Property
Jean Jacques Duhart, Vice Minister of Economy
Jose De Gregorio, Governor of the Central Bank
Jose Goni, Ambassador to the United States

Ricardo Duarte Duarte, Vice Minister of Business Development
Dr. Hernando Jose Gomez Restrepo, President of the Competitiveness Council
Dr. Esteban Penaloza Barrientos, Presidential Advisor for Competitiveness

Costa Rica
Eduardo Sibaja Arias, Minister of Economy, Industry & Trade
Jorge Woodbridge, Minister of Competitiveness

Dominican Republic
Juan Temistocles Montas, Secretary of the State of Economy, Planning, and Development
Andres Van der Horst, Minister Executive Director of the National Competitiveness Council

Maria Elsa Viteri Acaiturri, Minister of Economy and Finances
Nathalie Cely Suarez, Minister of Production, Competitiveness, and Commercialization

El Salvador
Hector Dada Hirezi, Minister of Economy

Alvaro Colom, President of Guatemala
Ruben Morales Monroy, Minister of Economy
Haroldo Rodas, Minister of Foreign Relations

Felipe Duarte Olvera, Under Secretary of Competitiveness (Department of Economy)
Roberto Newell, Director General of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness

Orlando Solorzano Delgadillo, Minister of Industry and Trade

Jose Domingo Arias Villalaz, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade
Nicolas Ardito Barletta, Director General of the National Competitiveness Center of Panama

Dionisio Borda, Minister of Finance
Jose Felix Bogado, Director of the Paraguay Competitiveness Project

Mercedes Rosalba Araoz Fernandez, Minister of Foreign Commerce and Tourism
Agnes Franco Temple, Executive Director of the National Competitiveness Council

Saint Lucia
Charlotte Mangal, Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Consumer Affairs

Trinidad and Tobago
Carl Francis, Permanent Secretary of Labor and Small Enterprise Development

United States
Gary Locke, Secretary of Commerce
Michelle O’Neill, Acting Under Secretary for Trade
Francisco Sanchez, Senior Advisor to the Secretary

Roberto Kreimerman, Vice Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mining
Dr. Rodolfo Silveira, President of the National Research and Innovation Agency
Pablo Darscht, Director General of the Support Program for Competitiveness and Promotion of Exports for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Dunia de Bartola, Executive Director of Venezuelan Competitiveness