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High Level Government Officials Attending the ACF


Argentina Argentina

Juan Schiaretti
Governor of the Province of Cordoba

Daniel Scioli
Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires


Bahamas Bahamas

Joshua Sears
Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Belize Belize

Michael Swift
Executive Director, BelizeTrade


Brazil Brazil

Erik Camarano
President, Brazilian Competitiveness Movement


Bolivia Bolivia

Mildred Mariscal
Executive Director General, Ministry of Planning for Development


Chile Chile

Juan Andres Fontaine Talavera
Minister of Economy

Conrad von Igel
Innovation Division Chief, Ministry of Economy


Colombia Colombia

Carlos Andres De Hart Pinto
Vice Minister of Enterprise Development

Yelitza Cardenas Rojas
Director of Productivity and Competitiveness


Costa Rica Costa Rica

Luis Liberman Ginsberg
Second Vice President

Ricardo Monge
Technical Secretary of Competitiveness and Innovation


Dominica Dominica

Eisenhower Douglas
Director of Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

Andres Van der Horst
Executive Director, National Competitiveness Council


Equador Equador

Nathalie Cely Suárez
Coordinating Minister of Production, Employment, & Competitiveness


El Salvador El Salvador

Mario Antonio Cerna Torres
Vice Minister of Commerce and Industry

Yax Canossa
Innovation and Technological Development Manager, Ministry of Economy


Grenada Grenada

ana McPhail
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Guatemala Guatemala

Ana Patricia Monge
Executive Director, National Competitiveness Program

Juan Carlos Paiz
General Coordinator, National Program on Competitiveness

Virgilio Cordon
Executive Director, Invest in Guatemala

Dionisio Gutiérrez


Haiti Haiti

Pierre-Marie Boisson
Executive Committee on Competitiveness


Honduras Honduras

Mario Canahuati
Minister of Foreign Relations

Oscar Escalante Ayala
Minister of Industry and Commerce


Jamaica Jamaica

Karl Samuda
Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce

Reginald Budhan
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce


Mexico Mexico

Felipe Duarte Olvera
Under Secretary for Competition & Regul, Secretariat of Economy

Manuel Molano
Director General Adjunto, Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, A.C.

Roberto Newell Garcia
General Director, Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, A.C.


Nicaragua Nicaragua

General (ret.) Alvaro Baltodano
Presidential Delegate for Investment Promotion

Javier Chamorro
Executive Director, PRO Nicaragua


Panama Panama

Juan Carlos Varela
Vice President/Foreign Minister

Roberto Henriquez
Minister of Commerce and Industry

Nicolas Ardito Barletta
General Director, National Center for Competitiveness

Ruben Berrocal
National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation

Claudia Guerrero
Director of International Technical Cooperation

Ivan Perez-Venero
Director of Business Innovation

Kristelle Getzler
Secretary of Economy

Jaime Eduardo Aleman
Ambassador of Panama


Peru Peru

Sandra Doig
Executive Director, National Center for Competitiveness, Ministry of Economy & Finance

Luis Valdivieso
Ambassador of Peru


Paraguay Paraguay

Dionisio Cornelio Borda
Minister of Finance


St. Lucia St. Lucia

Nadia Wels Hyacinth
Director of Investment Coordination

Gale T. C. Rigobert
Senior Advisor, Ministry of Finance


St. Kitts-Nevis St. Kitts-Nevis

Rosalyn E. Hazelle
Ambassador Extraordinaire Plenipotentiary


Suriname Suriname

Margaret Kerkhoff-Zerp
Deputy Director of Industry


Uruguay Uruguay

Roberto Kreirmerman
Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mines

Fernando Amestoy
CEO, National Research and Innovation Agency


United States of America United States of America

Gary Locke
Secretary of Commerce

Kasim Reed
Mayor, City of Atlanta, USA

Pamela Cox
Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, World Bank

Deborah Wince-Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Council on Competitiveness

Eduardo Solorzano
President and Chief Executive Officer, Walmart Latin America

Jim Clifton
Chief Executive Officer, The Gallup Organization

Scott Davis
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, UPS

P. Michael McKinley
Ambassador of the United States to Colombia

Robert J. Callahan
Ambassador of the United States to Nicaragua

Phyllis Powers
Ambassador of the United States to Panama


Venezuela Venezuela

Dunia De Barnola
Executive Director, Venezuela Competitiveness

Enrique Garcia
President, Andean Development Corporation (CAF)