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MAC/Western Hemisphere is pleased to announce the following Good Governance Programs for 2009:


On June 8-11, 2009, the U.S. Department of Commerce, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy and local organizations and businesses in Panama, will convene a series of meetings and training seminars in the Republic of Panama.  Corporate responsibility/good governance practitioners from Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and the United States will participate in a series of meetings which will identify best practices that businesses and organizations use to promote increased prosperity and social justice in the countries in which they operate.  The four-day program will be organized into separate sessions and will include representatives from various stakeholder groups, including: business ethics, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility practitioners; the 2006 Good Governance Latin American Program Trainees from 6 program countries; businesses and organizations from Panama that promote private sector leadership in transparency, social responsibility, and corporate governance; businesses and organizations located in the Colon Free Zone interested in developing a set of best practices in responsible and ethical business conduct; professionals and graduate students interested in learning about business ethics and corporate responsibility; representatives of the U.S. government; and other Good Governance Program participants from the region.


In Guatemala, the U.S. Department of Commerce and ProEtica, a coalition of businesses, individuals, and organizations working to promote business ethics and social responsibility, will host six focus groups in Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango.  The focus groups will provide feedback on the most significant ethics and corruption issues faced by businesses operating in Guatemala.  Three focus groups of business executives, organized by the size of the business represented (small, medium, and large enterprises) will be conducted in each city.  The information gathered from these groups will form the basis of a qualitative study which will enable ProEtica to focus its plans, projects, and activities on the most significant ethical issues confronting the business community.


The Good Governance Program will establish activities in Colombia this year with a series of workshops in Barranquilla.  Participants will learn about the importance of responsible business practices and good corporate governance, and the seminar will also provide guidelines to develop policies and practices that reinforce the role of corporations as responsible citizens.  Participants will include managers and executives from companies operating in Barranquilla, Santa Marta, and Cartagena.  The American Chamber of Commerce in Barranquilla, in partnership with other local and regional organizations, will establish a Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance Committee to support participant companies and ensure the sustainability of the program.


In Honduras, the U.S. Department of Commerce is partnering with  the American Chamber of Commerce, the Honduran Foundation for Socially Responsible Businesses (FundaHRSE), and FUNDEMOS, a non-profit organization committed to strengthening democracy and social welfare, to conduct six training seminars on corporate social responsibility, targeting over 240 small- and medium-sized businesses in four cities.


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