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2010 Program

MAC/Western Hemisphere is pleased to announce the following Good Governance Programs for 2010:

Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago:

The Good Governance Program will conduct a two-week business ethics training program for fifteen individuals from these three Caribbean nations in the summer of 2010. The program will be designed and implemented in partnership with the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Program participants will study the principles of collective action and learn how to create a business ethics working group upon completion of the program. They will also receive in-depth training for designing business ethics programs, including codes of conduct and compliance programs. Upon returning to their home countries, training participants will have a multiplying effect by providing similar trainings to local businesses and business associations.


The U.S. Department of Commerce and the Mexican Secretariat of Economy are partnering to launch a joint Good Governance Program in which both governments will work with local business associations, NGOs, and universities to assist U.S. and Mexican companies in aligning their business activities with international standards of corporate governance and ethics in order to become more competitive in the global economy. A series of business integrity workshops are tentatively scheduled to begin in the San Diego-Tijuana region in late summer of 2010 with similar trainings to be offered in additional regions at a later date.


After the success of the first business ethics training series in the fall of 2009 in Barranquilla, the Good Governance Program will offer another training program in Cali. Here, the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce will offer a certificated business ethics training program for thirty business executives in the Valle del Cauca region of western Colombia.


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