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MAS Participation in the Federal Rule Review Process

The MAS Regulatory Affairs program has participated in interagency discussions for almost three dozen rules since the program started in 2006, including rules from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. Most of the rules were brought before the program by industry representatives who had competitiveness concerns associated with the rule. Typically the program’s participation will consist of two parts: outreach to affected industries to gather factual information about the competitiveness impacts of the rule, and an economic analysis that attempts to quantify the rule’s impact. Using this input, the program representatives in the interagency process will ask for changes to the rule that will mitigate the competitiveness impacts without significantly changing the rule’s goal of improving security, health, or the environment.

Industry representatives are encouraged to bring competitiveness concerns about proposed rules to the program’s attention as early in the process as possible. The program does not address rules that have already become final. The Regulatory Affairs liaison, Emily Kilcrease, is the primary point of contact in the Department of Commerce.

MAS Participation in Statements of Administrative Position on Legislation

Many industry concerns are focused on legislation that will become the statutory basis for future regulations. There is an interagency process, again coordinated by OMB, for generating a “Statement of Administrative Position” on proposed legislation. Industry representatives who wish to raise competitiveness concerns on rule-related legislation may contact the Regulatory Affairs liaison, Emily Kilcrease.

MAS Input into Federal Rulemaking Process

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