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International Trade Update

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March 2008

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In this issue:

Building on the Successes of Free Trade in Central America
A four-day visit to Central America by Under Secretary of Commerce Christopher A. Padilla in February was an opportunity to observe the benefits of free trade between the United States and the region.

U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Offer Flexibility in a Changing Environment
Recent innovations implemented by the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program are helping to ensure that this dynamic program responds to the needs of U.S. exporters in today’s marketplace.

Commercial Dialogues: Paving the Way for Better Trade Relations
The U.S.–Brazil Commercial Dialogue’s working group on franchising is an example of how trade relations can develop by pragmatic means.

Short Takes—News from the International Trade Administration:

  • Commerce Resources for Small and Medium-Sized Exporters Highlighted at Event
  • Campaign Promoting U.S. Higher Education Opportunities Extended to India
  • Ministers Meet in Mexico in Preparation for New Orleans Summit

International Trade Calendar

Market of the Month: Sub-Saharan Africa



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