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Office of Health and Consumer Goods -Health Team

International Trade Administration
1401 Constitution Ave NW Room 4035
Washington, DC 20230
Tel: (202) 482-2470
Fax: (202) 482-0975


Jeffrey Gren
Director, Office of Health and Consumer Goods

Tel: (202) 482-2470

Jane Earley
Leader, Health Team

Tel: (202) 482-6241

  • NEI sector and country office lead
  • NEI Health IT Team co-lead
  • Acting U.S. Co-chair U.S. China JCCT Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Subgroup  
  • NEI sector and country team lead
  • Chair U.S. China JCCT Pharmaceutical Task Force
  • PIP/OEWG (Pandemic Influenza Vaccines)
  • APEC Life Science Innovation Forum
  • IPR and Access to Medicine Issues
  • Co-chair (with USFDA) DOC - FDA Anti-Counterfeit Task Force
  • Trade Negotiations and Litigation
  • Lead APEC and other counterfeit detection technology work
  • India HTCG and MDCP work
  • Budget, Admin and other OD duties
  • Global Public Health/supply chain standards
International Trade Specialists


Richard Paddock
Team Leader, Medical Devices
Senior International Trade Specialist
Tel: (202) 482-3360

  • NEI Pharmaceuticals (including biotechnology) sector lead
  • NEI Medical Technology sector lead
  • Pharmaceuticals bilateral issues - Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand (excl Taiwan), China, U.S.- China JCCT Pharmaceuticals Task Force
  • MDCP MITA project lead
  • Global medical biotechnology issues
  • Medical Devices bilateral issues – China, U.S.- China JCCT Medical Devices Task Force, India, Western Europe, South Korea
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry Assessment lead author
  • Medical Devices Industry Assessment lead author
  • Tariffs and NTB issues – Pharmaceuticals
  • Global CER assessment issue lead


Gerry Zapiain
International Trade Specialist
Tel: (202) 482-2410

  • NEI pharmaceutical country lead for India, Brazil, Turkey, Western Europe, Russia
    Bilateral pharmaceuticals, Central/Eastern Europe, NAFTA, Latin America, Former Soviet Union
  • NEI Project Manager lead
  • Global lead on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement
  • APEC Project lead
  • TEE Project – Turkey Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Medical Devices bilateral issues - Central/Eastern Europe, NAFTA, Latin America, Former Soviet Union
  • Global generics, OTC and API issues lead
  • Pharmaceutical special project manager
  • Global dental industry issues
  • Website management lead


Matthew Hein
International Trade Specialist
Tel: (202) 482-5014
Farah Naim
International Trade Specialist
Tel: (202) 482-4431
  • NEI Health IT sector lead
  • NEI counterfeit pharmaceutical and medical device issue lead
  • Global Health IT issues
  • Coordinator for Anti-Counterfeit Medical Products Task Force
  • Coordinator HTCG (India) Subgroup on Health IT
  • Bilateral pharmaceutical issues - South Korea
  • Bilateral pharmaceutical issues – Africa, Middle East, Taiwan
  • Bilateral medical devices issues – Africa, Middle East
  • Bilateral medical devices - ASEAN region (support for ASEAN Medical Devices Workshops), Taiwan
  • Global procurement issues lead
  • Lead, NEI project legal documents
  • Intern Coordinator

  • Firm visit Coordinator


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