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Headquarters Contacts Canada, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico

Eileen Hill
Team Lead, Standards

Renee Hancher
Lead, Standards Policy and Negotiations

Michael Boyles
Manager, Emerging Issues

Sarah Cook

Commercial Officer/Standards Attaché
T. +52 55-5080-2181
F. +52 55-5566-1115
Mexico City


Cathy Feig
Commercial Officer/Standards Attaché
T. +86 10-8531-4326
F. +86 10-8531-3701

European Union

Marianne Drain
Commerical Officer/Standards Attaché
T. +32 2-811-5034
F. +32 2-811-5151

South America

Everett Wakai
Commerical Officer/Standards Attaché
T. +55 11-3250-5402
F. +55 11-5186-7410
São Paulo